Stone Age burial sites in North Rhine-Westphalia.  This is one of the earliest settled areas of Germany, with many ancient grave sites and standing stones, including one of the largest Stone Age burial sites ever found.  Much of the stone originated in the Scandinavian mountains and was deposited here by glaciers.

Near Borgwedde is a place believed to be a sacred grove and still known as the Hill of the Holy Grove (Berg am Heiligen Hain).  Tony Clunn pictured this as the site where Arminius invoked the Germanic gods before his attack on the Romans.

During the Christian age, Charlemagne appropriated the grave in photo 2 by claiming that when he prayed God split the stone, symbolizing his future victory over the Saxons.  Some of the stones were renamed “devil’s stones” and painted with Christian symbols.  Ironically, in recent years these stones have also been vandalized by neopagan graffiti.

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