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Maurice Druon

George R. R. Martin was asked in one of his recent interviews what books he has on his shelf at home.  One of the authors he named was Maurice Druon.  I had never heard of this guy, but after reading this interesting obituary of him, I’m ashamed I hadn’t.

He was best known for co-writing a song that became the theme of the French Resistance in WWII, but he also wrote a series of novels set in medieval France in the lead-up to the Hundred Days War.  Turns out one of them, with the lovely title She-Wolf of France, is available as a Nook Book- for FREE.  Unfortunately it’s in the middle of the series and the rest of them aren’t available on Nook at all, but that’s the caprice of the e-publishing world, it seems.  Feast or famine.

I’ll be reading this as soon as I get over my Cecelia Holland glut.