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Yggdrasil RPG concept art

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Archaeologists Return to Investigate Viking Period Site in Gotland

Dated to the 9th century AD, the hoard boasted a pure silver assemblage of more than 14,200 coins and nearly 500 silver arm rings and other objects, placed in wooden boxes beneath the floor of a Viking Age house structure.

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Viking-Age Odin figurine


This Viking-Age figurine has already provoked quite a lot of interest on the net. Jonas Wellendorf brought it to my attention on norrø;

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It’s beautiful.

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Exile’s Return, by Charles Keegan

Exile’s Return, by Charles Keegan

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Grundag- Viking Long Seax forged by David DelaGardelle


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Lindholm Hoje, Viking burial site

Lindholm Hoje, Viking burial site

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